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100% Organic Irish Peat

feed your skin

Peat and Frochán Berry

Brightening Hydration

Tightening Hydration

Copper-infused Ion Technology

Travel Size 100% Irish Peat Mud Mask

Irish folklore and fairy tales.

Our wellness packs can be customized accordingly!


Our sheet masks are biodegradable enabling them to revert fully back to nature after use.  Made from cellulose found in recycled wood pulp, sourced from ethical, socially responsible and sustainable forests, our masks are incredibly soft against even the most sensitive skin.


Nestled high in the hills, the ancient valley of the fabled Tír na Og, land of youth. Gatekeepers to Ireland’s legends of old.  Reviving ancient knowledge of our ancestors to bring you the magic of our skincare.  

Ethically & locally sourced, our products  are not tested on animals.